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L&T MCB, Isolator and MCB Box

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L&T MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

The MCB is a vital protection device. It is essential in every electrical installation to safeguar d both your life and valuable property against short-circuit and overload.


• Conforms to IS/IEC 60898-1, IEC 60947-2

• Characteristic Tripping curves B, C & D

• Energy limiting Class 3 allows low let-through energy in the system

• Unique patented design gives both label holder and true contact indication facility for individual poles

• Low watt loss – almost 50% of the values prescribed by IEC 60898-1 saves energy

• Trip free mechanism to ensure maximum safety

• Design based on advanced current limiting hammer trip mechanism ensures quick breaking

• No line load bias gives flexibility for incomer supply termination on either sides

• Connection - Biconnect on both sides of MCB

• Accessories – wide range of accessories like aux contact, trip alarm contact and shunt r elease

• DC MCB as per IEC 60947-2 : Rated Voltage: 130/250 V DC (SP/DP), 250/500 V DC (SP/DP)


L&T  Isolator

Isolators are used in electrical installations to make, carry and break circuit current. The Isolator ensures that the circuit remains completely isolated i.e. there will be no current at the load side even if the impulse voltage appears when the isolator is OFF.


• Conforms to EN/IEC 60947-3

• Suitable for AC22-A utilization category

• Available in DP, TP and FP versions in 40A, 63A, 80A and 100A ratings

• Easy mounting due to two-position DIN-Rail clip

• Combi-head screws – allows use of multiple screwdrivers

• True contact indication – enhances safety 




Complete final distribution portfolio for building segment MCB conforms to IS/IEC 60898 with breaking capacity of 6kA throughout the range RCCB conforms to IS 12640-1, IEC 61008 and available from 25A to 63A with 30mA and 100mA sensitivity. EL+MCBs offers 3 in 1 protection against earth leakage , overload and short circuit Isolator available in DP,TP and FP from 40A to 100A Ergonomically designed complete range of distribution boards All protection devices (MCB, RCCB, EL+MCB) have ISI mark ensuring complete assurance


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