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REX Single Core Flexible House Wire

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REX Single Core Flexible House Wire (IS 694:2010)

REX PVC single core flexible cables make a big difference wherever they are installed. They don’t merely deliver power; they do so with maximum efficiency and security, with stronger materials, surer conductors and safer insulation, REX House wire have minimized loss while imparting electricity transfer and transient. Making it possible is the company’s management of manpower, machines and materials, since its inception and modern methods of manufacturing and marketing have welded technology and teamwork with quality control and professionalism to produce the better cable. Right from raw materials, built-in quality control systems check every stage of production. Indian and international standards are met even before the cables emerge from advanced facilities. The finished products are then measured by the most critical test of all the highly competitive market place. Success in that super changed environment is the ultimate proof of the quality of REX cables.

Single Core Flexible House Wires

REX Flexible wires are made of bright, plain multistandard annealed copper conductor, as per Class 5 of IS: 8130-1984 with PVC insulation. These wires are used for all industrial wiring applications and we are available in single and multi-cores in standard lengths of 90 meter and 270 meter coils.

Single Unsheathed Cable (Flexible) voltage grade 1100V Conforming to IS: 694:2010

Rex House wire is capable of handling 85°C operating temperature along with excellent Fire & Heat retardant characteristics. It is manufactured using min 99.97% Electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. Insulated with flame retardant (FR) PVC compound, manufactured & formulated in-house, it ensures better reliability, energy efficiency & highest level of safety. End result of all this manufacturing proficiency enable Rex House wire to perform & serve uninterruptedly at adverse working & atmospheric condition.


These cables are used for wiring domestic and commercial buildings. A fine drawn multi strand conductor provides enhanced Flexibility & makes it ideal for concealed wiring. It is suitable for installation in lighting fittings and appliances up to 1100 v (A.C)


✓ Excellent Electrical & Mechanical properties.

✓ High Flame retardant properties.

✓ Higher Flexibility ensures easy handling & longer life.

✓ Steam and boiling water resistant & anti-rodent. Cable Structure.

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