There is no complete awareness about the environment in our country yet. Important issues like pollution have been left behind in the name of development. In such a situation, there is absolutely no information about e-waste (electronic) in the country and no steps are being taken in this direction. Markets are flooded with electronic products. Due to the continuous changes in technology, consumers are also filling their homes with new electronic products. In such a situation, he sells the old products in the junk and from here the problem of e-waste starts. E-Waste IT This is the junk coming out of companies, which comes out due to the changes in technology and style. As before, large size computers, monitors came, which have been replaced by small monitors with slim and flat screens. Mouse, keyboard or other devices that have become obsolete fall under the category of e-waste. Electronic waste is generated every year in India due to the waste of old-fashioned computers, mobile phones, televisions and electronic toys and other equipment. Mobile phones, computers, electronic equipment, such as TVs, fridges, washing machines and others and tube lights, bulbs and CFLs. Like other things that contain toxic substances, when they go bad or when their use ends, they are called e-waste. Globally, the amount of e-waste has increased by 21% in the last 5 years. Its doubling rate is about 16 years.


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